Canoe down the Ardèche Gorges

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Do we have to know how to swim?

Yes it is compulsory to know to swim.
The risk of capsizing always exists.

Are children allowed to do canoe?

To canoe down the Ardèche river, children have to be more than 7 years old. Children under 12 years old can’t canoe on their own and must be in the canoe with adult(s).

What do we have to wear?

Sport clothes (swimsuit, short, T shirt…)
Closed shoes are mandatory.
According to the weather forecast consider waterproof and wind proof clothes for more comfort, extra warm clothes, cap/hat.

What we will find at the bivouac areas? 

On each bivouac area, you will find WC, showers, drinking water, picnic tables, BBQ with free charcoal, a guard of the camp, an emergency telephone line, a seasonal exhibition of the natural reserve, big trash bins.

What happens in the case of storms or flash floods? 

On the river Ardèche and its affluents, we can know in real-time the navigation conditions and the probable evolution of these ones. Several measurement scales give us this information by following colors:
- Green: navigation is open to everybody.
- Orange: navigation is allowed only to advanced level groups with a professional instructor.
- Red: navigation is strictly forbidden.

Is a dog allowed on a canoe? 

Yes, you can take your dog with you on the canoe.
BUT don’t forget that there is not too much space on the canoe for a dog and you never know how your dog will react while on the river.
During the canoe activity, the dog must be free on the boat for its security.
The dog must be always on a leash while you’re at our Agency and on the minibus.
Additional cost 5 € / dog.

How can we carry all our material during the trip? 

We provide you waterproof containers for the items you want to take with you.
For added safety, we remind you to bring some water protections like plastic bags or waterproof bag, especially for the most important belongings (documents, smartphones, car keys, etc).

If the weather is bad, can we cancel our booking? 

If the weather forecast is too bad (alert service bulletin) it is possible to cancel or modify the reservation.
In case you can’t postpone your trip, the amount already paid can be refunded.